Growthink’s Competitive
Marketing Intelligence Service

– The Hands Down Easiest & Most
Powerful Way to Grow Your Company –

To grow your business, you need a great marketing plan.

And to create the best possible marketing plan, you need research.

Among other things, you need to research and understand the demographic profiles of your target customers and the best ways to reach them.

We have developed a brand new service to conduct this research for you.

It is called Growthink’s Competitive Marketing Intelligence Service

Getting the Critical
Market Research You Need


The right research is extremely expensive and time-consuming to acquire.

In fact, it requires access to databases and services costing tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Here’s the good news: We are bearing this massive cost ourselves, and can offer you this critical service at an extremely reasonable price.


Here’s What’s Included

For EACH of your top 3 competitors, we will conduct
the following 7-part customized research for you:

1. Value Propositions


Get Investors-03We will identify your competitors’ value propositions to make sure yours is unique and compelling.

If it’s not, you’ll never be able to grow a great business!

2. Website Performance


Winning Business StrategyUnderstanding your key competitors’ website performance allows you to understand the results you must achieve to out-maneuver them.

For each of your top 3 competitors, we’ll tell you their:

  • Monthly Website Visitors
  • # of Links to their Website and from whom (so you can convince those sites to link to you too/instead)
  • Average Monthly Page Views

3. Website Traffic


Expert Answers-02We’ll tell you all the places where your competitors are getting their website traffic.

You’ll know if they are relying on organic rankings, social media, etc., and can use similar strategies to ethically steal their traffic from them.

Specifically, we’ll show you what percentage of their traffic is coming from direct type-ins, referring websites, search engines, advertising, Facebook, etc.

4. Visitor Insight


To create a winning marketing plan, you need to really understand your customer demographics.

You’ll become an expert at this, because for each of your competitors we’ll show you the demographic breakdown of their web visitors including:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Browsing Device (e.g., desktop, mobile, tablet)

5. Social Media Traffic


Want to out-perform your competitors on social media? We’ll give you the info you need to do just this. Specifically, we’ll tell you:

  • How many followers/subscribers each has on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Each of your competitors’ Engagement Rate, Posts per day, and Likes, Comments and shares per post on Facebook
  • # of Average Daily Tweets, Followers Gained and Retweets on Twitter
  • Top Hashtags used in social media

6. Online Reviews & Reputation


Easy to learn CroppedWe’ll research what customers are saying online about your top competitors.

This will alert you to:

  • Key customer needs
  • Opportunities in which you can out-perform competitors

7. Organic and Paid Search Engine Traffic


Using comprehensive tools and tactics, we’ll show you exactly how much search engine traffic your competitors are getting and from where. Specifically, we’ll tell you:

  • Monthly SEO/Organic Clicks and the monetary value of those clicks
  • Monthly PPC/Advertising Clicks and the estimate amount of their Monthly PPC Budget
  • The most valuable keywords on which your competitors are ranking organically
  • The most valuable keywords on which your competitors are advertising
  • Other companies that are competing online with each of your competitors
  • The top online ad copy your competitors are using

Your Investment


In the past we’ve had clients pay us thousands upon
thousands of dollars for this type of competitive research.

And all of them have felt it was well worth the investment…

While I think $1,000 is a fair price for this service, I’m offering
it to you now for only $297.


At this low price, which is affordable to nearly all entrepreneurs,
we can help as many of you as possible to grow your businesses.

That’s right, for only $297 we’ll expertly
conduct all your competitive research…

To take advantage of this special opportunity,
simply click the “Get Started” button below…